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"Raised. Thru. Musiq"

Brownfield Dreams


Hip Hop 


Dance Classes


Maximum Fitness is excited to present a health-inspired and creatively expressive hip-hop dance class!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran in dance and choreography, you’ll enjoy Brandon’s fun and creative style of dance.

Come get pumped, excited and inspired! In the newest exclusive hip-hop dance class right here in the Walkersville and Frederick County area.

This is more than just a new dance class, this is the beginning of a new dance community! Be a part of it, you don’t want to miss it!

Brandon Brownfield

A young, energetic, artist, passionate about his craft began his dancing career in middle school. Being inspired by the hit movies, "You Got Served" & "Rize" he began to develop his own move to the beat.

In high school he co-founded a group at Walkersville High School called, "Duomilla 8 " where they performed at local high schools and even colleges.

Moving onto college, he helped start a group called, "Supremacy" at Northern Illinois University where he became the head choreographer in only a year!

After moving back to Frederick in 2012, he started a dance ministry in which he traveled all over the DMV performing for special events and churches!

It's been his dream to start dance classes of his own... welcome to that dream... A Brownfield Dream!

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