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Site Selection

In this industry, location is important. We help you identify the best possible site for your fitness club based on everything from population size to market preference. We have formalized partnerships with national realtors and contractors who help you make the best decision for your market.


How should you structure your membership rate and training program? How can you best apply our financial model? Which questions should you ask during the hiring process to recruit the top candidates? How should you layout your club to maximize space? These are all serious questions that require careful consideration and planning. Our training program gives you everything you need to start making these decisions quickly.


Your team depends on you to understand their role in the organization. You can look to us for help getting that message across. Training is key to giving your team members the confidence they need when working with your members. The more comfortable your members feel, the more long-term loyalty you can build. We believe training never ends, but just gets more refined as your team gets more experience.


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