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"We're All on a Mission."

"Blue of the Mighty Deep; Gold of God's Sun. Let these colors be till all of time be done, done, done."

That quote was taken from the US Navy’s service song, “Anchors Aweigh.” I took away more than just the blue and gold colors from my time in the Navy. I took away a mission and goal-oriented mindset. We are on a mission. The same zeal that I had when serving aboard the USS Enterprise, USS Roosevelt and on land, Strike Fighter Squadron VFA 15, I have for Maximum Fitness. In the service, you always want to hear the word, “outstanding,” coming from your superiors, but now I love to hear that from our customers. We value every member and strive daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to keep them engaged and to share in our mission of promoting health. If maximum health is not your mission, you are ordered to make it yours today and we’d love to help you achieve it!

--Vaughn Whitfield

CEO, Maximum Fitness 24/7


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