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MaxFit Corporate

Wellness Solutions


MaxFit Corporate, Health and Wellness Solutions is a fitness
corporation offering health and wellness coaching and physical exercise
instruction. We have many internal components that cover all aspects
of the fitness industry, providing corporations, employees and
members with the highest level of service.

Fitness Center

How Wellness Solutions Work

Our initial consultation has allowed us the opportunity to learn about your company and employees, better understand your ideas and  desires and apply our knowledge and experience to provide several options for your employees to address their health. In our  approach to wellness coaching, we use an abundance of team building exercises to tackle difficult topics such as mindful eating, meal  prepping, nutritional value grocery shopping, eating challenges and concerns, positive body imaging and resilience through stress and  mental health challenges. 

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Why Join

The  state  of  America's  healthcare is abysmal . Our  current  state , coupled  

with current demographic changes , threaten to not  only exacerbate the crisis, but further erode worker productivity as well. The U.S. spends $3.5 trillion healthcare per year, while private businesses account for 19.9% of healthcare spending.

On the Treadmill

For Everyone

We design customized programs built on universal foundations and fundamentals for functional movement and fitness tailored to your specific wants and needs. Through a broad spectrum of services, we are certain there is a path for everyone to achieve their fitness goals: including wellness coaching, personal training and exercise classes offered either in person, virtually, or at one of our club locations.

why join
for everyone

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